Happy Mondays

The Happy Mondays' once opened for Carlos Santana. Shortly before the concert, frontman Shaun Ryder encountered "some Scotch dude, fainting and real rowdy" backstage. "Are you f---ed?" Ryder asked. The man just "kind of nodded".

Some time later the Happy Mondays hit the stage to fire things up. When Santana came out (two hours later), Ryder was astonished to see the aforementioned "Scotch dude" on stage... as Santana's guest lead singer!

[Ryder called this his favorite gig: "That was f---ing wild, that one!" he recalled. "We were on about eight o'clock, did about an hour and a half... It was like two types of audience: all the youngsters in there for us and the older people there for Santana but everyone got into it. It was a top vibe, man."]

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