Axl Rose: Guinea Pig

Axl Rose was once so desperate to make a few bucks that he signed up to serve as a medical guinea pig. Other celebrities have done the same thing. Director Robert Rodriguez, for example, raised most of the financing for El Mariachi by testing "speed healers" and other drugs. And Axl? He made $8 an hour -- smoking cigarettes.

[Much of Appetite for Destruction was written in the band's one-room apartment on Sunset Boulevard which they named the Hellhouse because it was, in Stradlin's words, "a f---ing living hell." There was no bathroom, shower or kitchen and only enough room for three people to sleep at one time. When they were able to afford some hamburger meat, they often cooked it using Adler's drumsticks as firewood. Even after signing with A&R, the band met with execs from other labels -- just for the free meals!]

[At their first show in June 1985, Guns n' Roses made their live debut before an audience of exactly two people. So extreme was Axl's stage fright that several shows on the Guns 'N Roses comeback tour (in 2002) had to be cancelled.]

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