Lisa Loeb: Kawaii!

Lisa Loeb often encountered enthusiastic fans in Japan. "I see a lot of fans wearing

[Lisa Loeb] glasses, and a lot of people show up at my hotel," she once explained. "A weird thing that they do when I walk out onstage is yell 'Kawaii,' which means 'cute' in Japanese. It's a really big word there. You'll hear kids yell 'Kawaii' and then yelling my name, 'Lisa! Lisa!' And they sing along to every song. It's wonderful. It's weird but flattering."

Moreover, Lisa's dream -- "to see a Lisa Loeb T-shirt with a weird English slogan on it" -- was almost realized one day when she encountered a curious Lisa Loeb banner in her hotel: "WELCOME LISA LOEB," it read, "HONEY HONEY EYELASH!"

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