Teenage Riot?

Atari Teenage Riot's Alec Empire once professed to see "a lot of philosophy" in his favorite video game (from Atari of course). The game? Pong.

"It was the start of everything for me in a way," Empire explained. "It's so simple, you can play it with just one player, and you play against the wall, which is sometimes how I feel -- you just always try to break through the wall, but it doesn't happen. But you can play with two, and then it's funny because it's so stupid, it sometimes reminds me of personal relationships. You're throwing the ball back and forth and it just makes this sound, 'ping-pong, ping-pong.'"

[Pong-creator Noel Bushnell (who later founded Atari) deserves credit (or damnation) as the inventor of the video game.]

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