Rancid Youth

Rancid's Lars Frederiksen was often asked about his wild youth. "Oh Jesus," he once replied, "I had this friend who was sixteen... One day we went to his girlfriend's house while they were in summer school.

"We climbed through her window and, before long, we raided the liquor cabinet and put chewing gum on their dog. My friend had a bag of PCP-laced oregano -- that's the way they used to do it -- and we started gettin' all f---ed up. The next thing I know, the world is spinnin' and my friend is freaking out, beating the f--- out of me -- obviously, he smoked more than I did.

"Somehow, I got away and got home. And my mom's there. I'm f---ing high, I'm drunk, it's hot. I had egg whites in my hair; and I just smelled like s---. I passed out on the floor.

"Then the police called and told my mom to bring me back to the girl's house. They found my friend tearing up the place, and he ratted me out. I ended up in juvenile hall for two weeks."

How old was Frederiksen at the time? "I was eleven."

[Rancid's first single was recorded with drummer Brett Reed, Frederiksen's former roommate -- who had only played drums for six months.]

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