Hollywood Head Hunter

Hollywood super-agent Sue Mengers was famed for her ability to steal clients from other agents. One day during his brilliant run with the "Seven Year Itch" on Broadway, Tom Ewell was approached by the wily Mengers:

In those days, actors would come in early, before their matinees, and have lunch at Sardi's, where Mengers would troll for clients. One afternoon, Mengers stopped by Ewell's table, dropped her business card in his water glass, and said, "Hi, I'm Sue Mengers. I met you with Charlie Barker [her boss]. I'm now on my own. Now, I want to be frank with you. I would love you to be our client."

"What can you do that [rival agent] Abe Lastfogel can't?" Ewell asked. Mengers reply? "F--- David Merrick!"

[Merrick was then a widely sought-after producer.]

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