Dave Matthews, Ladykiller?

"We were recording our first album up in Woodstock," Dave Matthews once recalled, "and uh, um, the lady came up to visit, the lady from the record company. She was fine, looking good, showing that thing off.

"And then, we're in the kitchen, I was in the kitchen, 'cause you know, everyone always ends up in the kitchen at parties. And, there were a bunch of us there, but we were off in a corner, you know, getting that thing going, working that thing.

"Uh, and then I noticed that she had this little booger on her nose. So, I didn't want to say, cause she was real pretty, you know... If it was my friend I would have said, 'Hey Bill you got a big booger on your nose!' But this was a pretty girl so I didn't want to say 'Hey, you're looking good and all, but you got a big booger on your nose.'

"So I said, 'You have something here. You got something here,' you know. So, she went like this, and then she had this big old booger. She had this big-ass-cross-the-nose-two-year-old-nightmare booger. Swimming pool green booger."

Matthews solution? "I did what any good citizen would do: I grabbed that booger! I just said WHAM! And I put that s--- under the kitchen counter, I was like yeah, got rid of that nasty booger!"

[Matthews, noted for his concert banter, shared this tale with a sizable audience.]

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