Second Career?

During the 2002 World Cup, Brazilian forward Ronaldo began sporting an unusual hairstyle which one commentator called "neither a mohican, nor a 'baldy,' but very dodgy indeed."

When Ronaldo first unveiled the new 'do' at a team breakfast one morning and asked what his teammates thought of the haircut, they laughed and made fun of him.

Though Ronaldo remained unperturbed, his response to his critics left him open to further mockery: "It's a new, original hairstyle," he declared. "I cut it myself."

[In a poll by The Folha de SP website 79% called the haircut "awful".]

[Ronaldo shocked the soccer world in September 2002, by declaring that the secret behind his success was having sex with his wife (Milene Dominguez) before every game.]

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