BMW Deathtrap

In May 2003, Thai finance minister Suchart Jaovisidha and his driver found themselves locked inside his BMW 520. "I could hardly breathe," Jaovisidha recalled.

The probelm? The car's computer system failed, automatically locking its doors and windows and shutting down its air conditioning system. The men unsuccessfully tried to kick the car's windows open. "At that moment," Jaovisidha recalled, "I knew that German car had very strong windows."

Fortunately, security guards eventually realized what was going on and broke the windows with a sledgehammer.

[One day in Augusy 2003, more than 30 British shoppers found themselves locked out of their cars after the pager system at a Sainsbury's supermarket in Norfolk switched frequencies, sending out signals which upset their vehicles' electrical locking systems.]

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