Naomi Jacob - Escape from Wantage

"I was sent to school at Wantage," Naomi Jacob recalled. "It was small and select and generally utterly unsuited for a child of my regrettable proclivities. When I attempted to argue during the Scripture lesson -- that put the lid on it. I tied my box up with a length of clothes-line winch I found in the garden. I drove in a milk cart to the nearest station and took the train to Chichester, where my mother was living. The milkman was young and must have been touched with romance, for he helped me with my box and drove me all the way to the station for nothing, only saying darkly, 'If so be as anyone asks questions they get no answer 'ere.'

"When I arrived home my mother said, 'Good gracious, what are you doing here!' I told her and she shrugged her shoulders and said, 'I don't know that I approve, but after all, well, you didn't like it, so you didn't.' As an after-thought she added, 'You must send the clothes-line back at once.'"

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