Dan Aykroyd - Party Repairman

Shortly after joining the cast of "Saturday Night Live," writer Neil Levy attended a party at Al Franken's home...

"All the writers showed up, Michael O'Donoghue, Dan Aykroyd," Levy recalled. "They were passing around these joints. I had never smoked before, or not really gotten stoned, and I didn't want to seem like 'the kid,' so I started smoking. This pot was from Africa or something. You didn't even have to smoke it; you just looked at the joint and you were unconscious.

"It kept coming around and around to me, and then I just got so incredibly paranoid... I locked myself in their only bathroom, and I was terrified, and I kept praying to God that it would stop. Every once in a while someone would come to use the bathroom and I'd flush the toilet and go, 'I'll be out in a minute!' And I just got worse and worse...

"Finally Dan Aykroyd knocked on the door and he said, 'Neil, this is Dan. You probably smoked some of that weed, you're probably paranoid, and you probably think you're the only one. Let me tell you, my friend, you're not the only one. We're all paranoid, we're all stoned.' And he talked me out of the bathroom into the bedroom. And he started making me laugh. One of the things he did was he pulled his pants a little of the way down and pretended he was fixing the radiator as a radiator repairman. And later I remember he used that as a refrigerator repairman in a Nerds sketch. I think I saw it first."

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