Montgomery's ambition

One day in 1944, Alan Brooke, the brilliant chief of the British imperial general staff (later first Viscount Alanbrooke) remarked to King George VI that Montgomery was "a very good soldier, but I think he is after my job." "I thought," the king replied after a moment's reflection, "that he was after mine!"

["Monty's habits in the desert and thereafter were simple and regular. He would be called by his soldier servant, Corporal English, at 6.30 every morning with a cup of tea and would not come out of his caravan until 8, to walk across to the mess tent for breakfast. You could set your watch by his regular visit to the WC [toilet]. He would retire to bed at 9.30 in the evening, no matter who was visiting headquarters. Even when George VI came he would say, 'If you will excuse me, sir, we have a battle to win and I must go to bed.'"]

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