Billy Hatcher borrows a bat from pitcher Dave Smith

During a game against the Chicago Cubs in August 1987, Houston Astros outfielder Billy Hatcher borrowed a bat from pitcher Dave Smith.

"Dave used the same model bat I did, a C243," Hatcher recalled. "I ran out of my bats and Dave said, 'Billy, you can use one of mine.' He told me to take it out of the bat rack instead of the bat bag. I looked in the bat bag and noticed that he had some C243s with some wide grain so I grabbed one of those."

Hatcher soon learned why he had been instructed to look on the rack. The bat he was using promptly broke and flew down the third base line. Cubs third baseman Keith Moreland saw a lot of wood, and a lot of cork, and Hatcher was promptly suspended for a lot of games (10).

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