On the set of Cecil B. De Mille's Biblical epic

The set of Cecil B. De Mille's Biblical epic The King of Kings (1927) was suffused with a religious aura. A Protestant bishop, Catholic priest, Jewish rabbi, Mohammedan teacher, and Buddhist monk all blessed the proceedings and an organ played "Onward Christian Soldiers" as De Mille made his majestic appearance. Cast members were given Bibles and instructed to stay in character throughout the shooting. They enthusiastically obeyed, even referring to one another by their biblical names: "Tell Caiaphas to get his makeup"; "We're ready for Jesus"; "Peter's wig is slipping, someone fix it"; "Where in the hell is Judas!" Moreover, on the first day of shooting, when the actor playing Jesus (H. B. Warner) arrived on the set in a flowing white robe, he looked so much the part that many of the cast and crew fell on their knees as he glided by.

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