Policeman foils a bogus protest in Cairo

"One day students started to march through Cairo carrying on a stretcher for all to see one of their colleagues who, they stated, had been killed by British soldiers," Cairo's British police commandant Russell Pasha later recalled. "As the stretcher came past the spot where I was standing with some of my police I saw that one arm of the corpse was hanging down. Without anyone noticing I reached out my right hand with a lighted cigarette inside the curved palm and pressed the glowing end on the down-hanging hand of the corpse. With a yell to awaken the dead the false corpse leapt up from the bier to the amazement of the onlookers and the complete discomfiture of the student bearers. The death-like coating of flour fell off his face, and the defeated students faded quickly away, followed by the derisive laughter of the mob."

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