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George Tebbetts' devotion to the game of baseball was legendary. While scouting the minor league Columbus Clippers for the New York Yankees' Rochester farm club, Tebbetts suffered a heart attack on a flight from St. Louis to Rochester.

When the plane landed, Tebbetts agreed to be taken to a hospital -- but refused to let go of the huge metal cases which contained his scouting reports.

[Rochester manager Greg Biagini later visited Tebbetts in intensive care. "There was Birdie in bed," Biagini wrote, "all hooked up with wires and blinking lights with tubes in him... He started to talk. He was giving us a page-by-page scouting report on each Columbus player. From memory! ... I look for a second in this guy's eyes. They are bright blue eyes and he is having a ball. This guy is about to die and he's showing how goddamn smart he is." Of course, the scrappy Tebbetts survived.]

[By the time of his death, Tebbetts (who made the cover of Time magazine in 1957 as manager of the Cincinnati Reds) had filled eight feet of shelving with his personal diaries.]

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