Patrick Pearse: Sticky Situation

Sunday April 23rd, 1916, marked the first day of Patrick Pearse's famous Easter Uprising in Dublin, Ireland.

[Some sources say April 24th]. Things did not get off to an auspicious start:

First, 10,500 of the 12,000 members of the Irish Volunteer Force, confused by a host of continually changing orders, failed to arrive. Nonetheless, Pearse welcomed those who had arrived, read out the "Proclamation of the Republic," and ordered that copies of that manifesto be posted around the city. He was promptly informed that such a campaign would not be possible. Why not? The military council, it seemed, had forgotten to buy some glue!

[This situation prompted the event's first looting: a bag of flour was stolen from a local grocer so that adhesive paste could be made.]

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