Distinguished British Journalist

One day in May 1986, the distinguished British journalist Henry Porter revealed that he had deliberately planted five grammatical errors in his weekly Sunday Times column and would send a bottle of champagne to anyone who identified each one correctly.

The letters poured in and, the following week, Porter announced that readers had not found any of his five mistakes. They had, however, located 23 (yes, 23) errors of which he had been unaware!

[Two reporters from the Independent once attempted to expose the shadowy world of private investigators by assuming false identities and hiring several PIs to spy on their boss. The sleuths were so horrified by the idea that they plotted to expose their would-be exposers. The journalists were carefully trailed by a group of PIs -- two of whom posed as a liftboy and chambermaid at their hotel. Soon enough, the journalists' expose of the shadowy world of PIs appeared in the Independent. The detectives' expose of the shadowy world of journalism (in which it was revealed that the men had consumed thirty-eight mini-bar drinks during their assignment) appeared in the following Sunday's Observer.]

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