Grace Under Pressure

In 1969, Jefferson Airplane joined the Rolling Stones and several other bands for a memorable show at the Altamont Speedway outside San Francisco. When members of the Hell's Angels (hired to serve as security guards during the gig in exchange for $500 worth of beer), started beating on a fan near the front of the stage, Marty Balin jumped down to intervene. The Angels then turned on Balin before jumping onstage to pummel Paul Kantner as well. Incredibly, Grace Slick just kept on singing: "Ya gotta keep bodies off each other unless you wanna make love," she declared as the stage erupted in chaos.

Some time later, Slick was complimented for her remarkable composure. Slick confessed that she had in fact been more blind than brave. "I had forgotten," she explained, "to put my contacts in that morning!"

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