Greg Lawrence in Toronto

While visiting Toronto one day, Greg Lawrence (famed for his creation of the animated trailer park series "Kevin Spencer") was approached by a woman and asked how he was doing and whether he needed anything. Lawrence was impressed. "Maybe what they say is wrong," he thought to himself. "Maybe Toronto's not so bad after all." Some time later, another woman approached him and offered him a muffin and some water. Eventually, Lawrence figured out what was going on: everyone thought he was homeless!

[It's at that point," he later remarked, "that you begin to re-evaluate your wardrobe choices."]

[Lawrence once marveled that his animated series "Kevin Spencer" had ever been made. "We did a stick figure drawing on typewriter paper and handed it in to a studio," he recalled, "and they gave us money!" The show was a surprising success. Said Lawrence: "We're big in Andorra."]

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