Alan Cumming: Denim Kilt

One day in 2003, Alan Cumming arrived at the premiere for X2 (the X-Men sequel) wearing a denim kilt and high black books.

Already exhausted after months of publicity, he soon found himself being asked the same tired questions again and again, chief among them whether he was naked under the kilt.

"What are you wearing under there?" the umpteenth reporter asked. "Nothing," Cumming finally replied, "but my c---ring!"

[Cumming's favorite question came from a Taiwanese woman: "Tell me," she asked, "about your sticky pants." (She meant to say "paints".)]

[For Halloween in 2002, he and Ian McKellen dressed as characters from recent films. "He carved me this great Nightcrawler pumpkin and helped answer the door," Cumming recalled, "so there were Gandalf (from the Lord of the Rings) and Floop (Fegan Floop from Spy Kids) handing out candies." Cumming later claimed that this story was a joke.]

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