In 2002, a 12-screen cinema complex in Wimbledon, England launched a new film classification guide based on the personalities of various tennis stars.

Sensible boy-next-door Tim Henman was chosen to represent family oriented films. Venus and Serena Williams (rarely seen without their father) replaced the PG rating. Anna Kournikova took over the 15+ rating (which the British Board of Film Classification described as having "no constraints on nudity"). Andre Agassi (famed for ripping off his shirt at the end of matches) represented slightly more racy material...

And who took over the full-blown adult rating (with "no constraints on language or horror")? John McEnroe of course!

[Among McEnroe's famous on-court out-bursts? "You can't see as well as these f---ing flowers -- and they're f---ing plastic!"; "I'm not having points taken off me by an incompetent old fool. You're the pits of the world"; and, to a fan: "What other problems do you have besides being unemployed, a moron and a dork?"]

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