Slipknot: Wish Come True

One day during a promotional tour in 2002, Slipknot visited Glasgow's Virgin Megastore. Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor made one fan's wish come true -- by spitting on him.

["I get letters signed in blood all the time from girls who want me to punch them in the face and throw them in cages," Taylor once remarked. "But the weirdest thing we've ever seen was in Australia. We were doing an in-store, and these three huge guys come running up, throw their shirts off, turn around, and carved in their backs was PEOPLE. EQUAL. SHIT. And then -- this is the kicker -- they hand us the videotape of them doing it!" Slipknot's loving term for such fans? "Maggots."]

[Taylor once worked the midnight-to-8 shift in a sex shop. "People treated me like a freak," he once remarked. "I thought, "You're in a porn shop at 4 a.m. -- what are you looking at me for!?'"]

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