Luciana Moron?

Although Luciana Morad's fling with Mick Jagger ended shortly after the couple had conceived a baby boy, Morad was apparently upset by the public's perception of their relationship -- so upset that she forgot how to count:

"I hate everybody saying I had a one-night stand," she complained. "It's not true. I had a relationship with him for a long time. I met him in March 1998 and I had a baby in May 1999. Work it out. That means I had a relationship with him for at least seven months."

["Yeah," one commentator agreed, "if you're a chimpanzee..." (14 months -- 9 months = 5 months)]

[In 2001, Luciana Morad was blamed for a rise in the number of teenage pregnancies and AIDS cases in Brazil, after hosting a TV show featuring "funk balls" -- dance parties where teenage girls wearing miniskirts and no underwear, play a grown-up version of musical chairs and have sex with multiple partners.]

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