Emily Dickinson once composed a verse ("XV") which reads as follows:

"I've seen a dying eye
Run round and round a room
In search of something, as it seemed,
Then cloudier become;
And then, obscure with fog,
And then be soldered down,
Without disclosing what it be,
'T were blessed to have seen..."

Dickinson died some twenty years later (on May 15, 1886), after lapsing in and out of consciousness for several days. Her last words? "The fog is rising."

[Dickinson's epitaph? "Called Back" (said to be the last line Dickinson wrote in a letter to her cousins Louise and Frances Norcross: Little Cousins, Called back. Emily).]

[Each of Emily Dickinson's poems, it has been sarcastically suggested, can be sung to the same tune: "The Yellow Rose of Texas."]

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