Two G-G-Georges

The war correspondent George Kingswell, famed for his stutter, once had occasion to meet Sir George Grey, then High Commissioner of the Cape, and a man equally famed for his speech impediments. "Are you G-G-George K-K-Kingswell?" Grey asked.

"Yes," Kingswell replied. "A-a-and are you G-G-George Grey?" Grey, assuming that Kingswell was imitating him, promptly punched him in theface.

"W-w-what the hell is the m-m-matter with you!?" Kingswell cried. "And what in the name of Satan d-d-do you think you are doing?" "W-w-what!" Grey replied. "D-d-do you st-st-stutter too?" The pair ended up shaking hands and roaring with laughter.

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