Bruce Lee Curse

The death of martial-arts film icon Bruce Lee in 1973 (of an apparent brain hemmorage on the set, just a month before the release of Enter the Dragon) was blamed by many on 'Oni' (Japanese for Demons or evil spirits) or a supposed curse on the line of Lee family men.

Just as his bio-pic Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story was nearing completion in 1993, a cinematic adaptation of an underground comic (The Crow) began shooting.

When a prop gun loaded with supposedly harmless blanks was fired at the film's star in his character's death scene, its cap became lodged in his spine (after penetrating his abdomen) killing him a few hours later.

The actor? Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee's son.

[Tragically, The Crow (a tale of reincarnation and revenge) promised to be Lee's breakthrough vehicle after several low-budget efforts. Ironically, the crow is a widely-recognized omen of death.]

[In 1983, Lee was expelled from Emerson College in Massachusetts (where he was studying martial arts and drama) for misbehaviour.]

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