Honey Be?

Prince Be once made an unusual admission -- that he indulged in a common hobby: collecting pornography. "Ed Power has this series called Dirty Debutantes," he explained. "He finds normal-looking girls to have sex with. Not like made-up girls with big boobs and all that. He finds really normal women to have a really normal sexual relationship on camera, and it is just hysterical." And how many items did he have in his collection? "I own volumes one to nine hundred."

[One admires his moderation: as Be explained, "There are a thousand of them." (Be's favorite porn? "Anything," he said. "Except for child pornography. It would have to be adults... More than two adults."]

[The world's largest collection of pornography is located at The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. It contains 80,000 books and more than 150,000 pornographic films.]

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