Cantilever Bra

Jane Russell, who once had twin peaks in Alaska named in her honor, was famed for her remarkable natural endowment. Indeed, so massive were her breasts that, for her role as "Rio" in Wallace McCutcheon's The Outlaw, producer Howard Hughes created a special aerodynamic "cantilever bra": "This is really just a very simple engineering problem," he explained as he retired to his drawing board. Then, to emphasize the film's real stars, he shot take after take of Russell leaning over the wounded Billy the Kid.

Though censorship problems delayed the film's release, it eventually found a receptive audience. At the film's premiere, when Russell first leaned forward, someone in the theater was moved to exclaim: "Bombs away!"

[Hughes "discovered" Russell while she was working as his dentist's receptionist. "There are two good reasons why men go to see her," he later remarked. "Those are enough."]

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