Mark McGrath

Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath once pronounced himself "the trendiest music fan ever." "If you look at my record collection," he said, "I can put on Lords of the New Church, G. G. Allin... Trixter, Loudness and Public Enemy. I've ripped off everybody I know to form Sugar Ray... I'm not a musician. I'm just a guy that borrows a lot."

[Explained McGrath: "I liked So. Cal. punk in the early Eighties, and then rockabilly for a couple of months, and then I was into Mod, and then I got into death rock wilh Specimen and the whole Bat Cave club bulls---. Then, like, heavy metal just ripped my ass apart -- I became a freak with long hair, wristbands and everything. Then Nirvana's Nevermind destroyed heavy metal for everybody. It was over. I loved metal, the late Eighties -- the Sunset Strip. I got into hip-hop along the way. I used to be a break dancer. I'm just a trendy kooky music fan..."]

[Mark McGrath's most famous lyric -- "All around the world statues crumble for me" -- was inspired by a Killing Joke record. "They have a song called 'Sanctity' with the lyric 'all across the world statues crumble, whoa.' That was a powerful-ass lyric, and I took it from there."]

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