Odd Consideration?

Fun Lovin' Criminal Huey found musical inspiration in unlikely places. "There was a kid in my neighborhood on the Lower East Side we called Skisuity," he once explained. "His mother used to dress him up in a ski suit -- it was blue with white stripes down the arms and legs and when he would walk down the street, everyone would shout out, 'SKISUITY!' One day he threw a kid out his window and then moved down to Chinatown with his family. We used to go down there on our bikes and see him and shout, 'SKISUITY!' And he'd flip out and chase us and try to kill us. He was, like, ten when he threw that kid out. He was really pressured, though. Imagine that, summer, winter, fall, spring -- 'SKISUITY!' I almost wrote a song about Skisuity."

Alas, Huey's humanity prevented it: "He's a grown man now," Huey said. "Imagine he's in a bar, hanging out with some girl, and he hears 'SKISUITY!' He starts screaming, runs off, maybe jumps off a building.. I didn't want to be responsible for that."

[Fortunately, Huey had no shortage of inspirational fodder: "There was a guy named Blue Boy, too, who had a birthmark on his hairline, but it came down over his ear and it was, like, bluish," Huey explained. So instead of shouting 'SKISUITY!'... they'd shout, 'BLUEBOY!']

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