Hard Sell?

XTC's Andy Partridge once had a job (his last) painting posters in a department store. "One day two men came in," he recalled. "They were reps trying to sell some product. About ten minutes later, one of these beautiful girls from window dressing came up and said, 'There's a man in my office having a s--- in my waste paper bin.'

"We were like, 'Yeah, right'... She came back five minutes later and said, 'Honestly, he's gone now, but he's had a s--- in my waste paper bin, one of these men in the suits.' And sure enough, one of them had walked into her office and s--- in her bin."

["I'd sit there painting posters, drinking beer, listening to music," he recalled of the job, "and trying to seduce the young girls in the window-dressing department."]

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