Bam Bam?

Many people who attended Dick Dale's concerts near the turn of the millennium were astonished to see Dale's infant son accompaying him on stage. What was he doing? Playing drums of course -- with full-sized drumsticks!

[Dale's son was once sponsored by the Zildjian cymbal company as the youngest drummer in its history: "He's been playing since he was twelve and a half months," Dale explained. "He would show up and play on all the drums when we were breaking down the stage. He's either Damien [from The Omen] or a man in a boy's body. People freak out when they watch him. He's no-nonsense. He's better than some drummers I've had."]

[Tommy Lee's infant son also played drums. "I had the guys who build my drums make a tiny little version of my drums for him," Lee explained, "so he'll be able to thrash on this for years and he'll never break it."]

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