Julie Goodyear and The Seven Dwarves

While performing as the Wicked Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves at Manchester's Opera House in 2000, Julie Goodyear began to avoid the seven dwarves.

"Initially Julie thought her small co-stars were the most polite people on the planet," an insider explained. "But when she found out about their ulterior motive she decided it was best to keep them at bay."

Ulterior motive? The randy dwarves -- Dozy, Goody, Growler, Blusher, Lazy, Smiler and Sneezer -- had placed a bet on who would be the first to get Miss Goodyear into bed!

[The dwarves also dubbed Julie's breasts 'Newton and Ridley' after the beer served by her character (Rovers Return landlady Bet Gilroy) on "Coronation Street"... "I like big boobs," Nick Read (playing Goody) declared, "and Julie's got the best in showbusiness." "I've never dated a dwarf," Goodyear later remarked, "but as any woman will tell you -- size doesn't matter!"]

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