Having jumped from several mountains and buildings around the world, BASE jumper Thor Alex Kappfjell was no stranger to the unpredicatble winds which swirl around the world's tallest buildings. Still, hoping to tackle each of New York's tallest towers, he first leaped from the Empire State Buildings's 86th-floor observation deck, landing on Fifth Avenue, before collecting his chute and calmly hailing a cab (narrowly evading capture by police).

Just three days later, the mad jumper rappelled down the side of the Chrysler Building on a fire hose and jumped from one of the steel eagle-head sculptures jutting from its 61st story. Again he rolled up his chute, hailed a taxi and escaped before the cops arrived.

Kappfjell, now a notorious public figure, then brazenly announced his plan to complete a trifecta by jumping off the World Trade Center. In response, Rudy Giuliani, New York's no-nonsense mayor, assured the press that police would be waiting.

Five months later Kappfjell donned a disguise and sneaked onto the World Trade Center's 1,377-foot-high observation deck (by pretending to be a tourist and disguising his gear as camping equipment). Again he took the plunge and eluded police but inexplicably checked into a hotel room for the night.

Police quickly found him, arrested him, and charged him with three counts of reckless endangerment. Before he could be brought to trial however, Kappfjell high-tailed it back to Norway...

Sadly, after more than 225 jumps from radio and television masts, bridges and the world's tallest buildings, Kappfjell met his fate one day... while jumping from a relatively innocuous 3,000-foot cliff.

[Jumping was in Kappfjell's blood from childhood. At the age of four, he climbed through a third-storey window and was about to jump into some bushes when the neighbours alerted his mother and stopped him. One day at school, however, he did manage to jump into a huge pile of snow -- from the fifth floor!]

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