Slim Shady: Serendipity

Eminem was once asked about the genesis of his famously evil alter-ego, Slim Shady. "I was takin' a s---," he explained. "I swear to God. And the f---in' name just popped into my head. Then I started thinkin' of twenty million things that rhymed with it..."

[Slim Shady was the product of a bleak period in Eminem's life. After his 1996 album, The Infinite, sold only 500 copies, he was evicted from his apartment and was so poor that he could not even afford to buy Hailie diapers.]

[Among the most popular public attractions in South Korea in 2002? A seven-room exhibition called "The History of Dung" at the Seoul Land amusement park. Visitors made their exits from the show through a huge four-metre replica stool.]

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