George Clooney: Clooney's Eleven?

After reports surfaced that he had been involved in a "steamy" dance with Julia Roberts at a party to mark the end of filming on Ocean's Eleven, rumors circulated that George Clooney had come between the Pretty Woman and her current boyfriend, Benjamin Bratt.

Clooney pleaded innocence. "I didn't have time," he explained. "I was too busy breaking up Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's marriage."

His bad boy reputation continued to grow when Drew Barrymore spilt up with Tom Green as she joined the cast of Clooney's Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. "Yup, I was doing them all," he joked. "So when I started working with Catherine Zeta-Jones on this Coen Brothers' movie

[Intolerable Cruelty], I asked her, 'How are things going with Michael?'"

[Kidman and Michelle Pfeiffer once made a $10,000 bet that George would be a father before he turned forty. They lost.]

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