Hand Piqued

In July 2002, after leading the Motion Picture Association of America's film trailer ratings board for 26 years, Bethlyn Hand accidentally approved a "general-audience" trailer (the short ads which run before features) for Town & Country even though it contained a blatant obscenity.

The problem? "I didn't know," Hand later sheepishly explained, "what 'muff diver' meant."

[The MPAA ratings board was then made up of five women. Note to Hand: Muff diver, carpet muncher, and clam digger are all synonyms for 'cunnilingus'.]

[In 2002, software developer Breck Rice began pitching software (to Hollywood directors) which would allow consumers to digitally alter their films. "It could insert product placements into movies, make a New York skyline resemble Tokyo and even drape a modest negligee over Kate Winslet during her nude scene in Titanic. The program, called MovieMask, was designed in large part to make movies more family friendly, skipping violent or sexual content and toning down language." The directors' verdict? "They were furious." ClearPlay software also mutes foul language and fast-forwards past objectionable scenes. (Associated Press)]

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