In 2002, British writer Valerie Laws received a ?2,000 grant to explore the relationship between her two great loves: literature and quantum mechanics.

Her mandate? To spray-paint the following poem on the backs of a number of sheep, one word per animal:
Clouds graze the sky
Below, sheep drift gentle
Over fields, soft mirrors
Warm white snow...

Law's nickname for the project? "Haik-Ewe" (Haiku).

["Some of the time," Laws confessed of the wandering poem, "it won't make much sense."]

["Seeking to gain some of the glamour of Pamplona, the small sheep-farming centre of Te Kuiti in New Zealand has held its inaugural Running of the Sheep," the Globe and Mail reported in April 2004. "As expected, none of the 2,000 sheep that stampeded through the middle of town chased, gored or trampled anyone. However, rather than sticking to a single flock, the puzzled animals split up and ran away in all directions."]

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