Tantric Sex Blooper

As preparation for his role in American Pie, the film's producers sent Eddie Kaye Thomas to a workshop on tantric sex. By the end of the day, he was lying on the ground, holding his crotch, breathing and moaning, and "trying to spread the energy elsewhere."

Indeed, while trying to induce an orgasm in his fingers, Thomas felt "an explosion of heat" in his head. The workshop over, he was asked by a friend how things had gone. Thomas's reply? "I had an orgasm in my face!"

[The 'misunderstanding' was cleared up later.]

[In November 2003, London played host to the planet's largest festival of erotica. Along with more than 200 stalls (featuring such items as photographs, naughty gifts and underwear), the exhibition featured a montage of music pulsating at 33 hz -- the precise frequency which organisers claimed could trigger a female orgasm.]

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