Baaad Influence?

It wasn't until meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger that Danny DeVito began to smoke cigars regularly. One day while filming Twins in 1987, Schwarzenegger gave his co-star a box of cigars:

"I was on a major diet then," DeVito later recalled, "so Arnold being Arnold, he also gave me a dozen pastries."

[Schwarzenegger, who was introduced to cigars by Sargent Shriver (a former Peace Corps director and Schwarzenegger's father-in-law), converted many other colleagues to the tobacco temptation (among them Danny DeVito). In fact, Schwarzenegger once found himself giving out so many free cigars on the set that he handed out an exploding cigar to discourage freeloaders. Editor's note: DeVito may have been reminded of a classic scene from Johnny Dangerously (in which he briefly appeared): Johnny's mother, given an ashtray for her birthday, turns to her young son and says: "Thank you Johnny! I've been meaning to take up smoking!"]

[DeVito, a former chain-smoker, quit smoking cigarettes shortly before directing and starring in The War of the Roses. So what was he smoking throughout the movie? Cigarettes filled with dry lettuce.]

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