Harrison Ford: Presumed Innocent?

Not surprisingly, Harrison Ford (whose multi-picture blockbuster roles included Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan) was often approached by adoring fans. Though the weary actor had taken to shaking his head ("as in 'No, I just look like him'") and ignoring incessant fans, he later decided that such behavior was not 'fair'.

So when Ford was approached one day by a group of 'little old ladies' in an airport, he confessed, "Yes I am Harrison Ford." And? "They didn't believe it was me!"

[Ford once purchased an autographed photo of himself from a fan and gave it as a gag gift to girlfriend Calista Flockhart.]

[In July 2000, Ford piloted his own helicopter to rescue a dehydrated 20 year old hiker from Table Mountain near his ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.]

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