Square Deal?

James Woods once visited the Cayman Islands and returned to America with some 'souvenirs':

"Coming through customs, my golf bag had the strangest lines to it, and the customs guy looked at me and said, 'So, Mr. Woods, you're coming from a Caribbean island with a golf bag with these big square corners sticking through the fabric and I know you're a cigar smoker..."

Woods was worried (to say the least) until the man continued:

"'Should I just tell you, sir, that I am your biggest fan. And do you know how much it means that I am not going to ask you any questions about what is in your golf bag?'"

"Let me tell you," Woods later recalled, "it was the best fan letter that I ever had!"

[The stunning photograph on the cover of Bette Davis' autobiography, This and That, was taken by Woods.]

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