Peter Falk: Third Eye Blind

At the tender age of three, Peter Falk had his right eye surgically removed (and replaced with a glass one) when a malignancy was found. His glass eye did not prevent him from participating in team sports like baseball and basketball at school. In fact, despite his disability he excelled at both games and the eye became the source of much amusement.

During one Little League game, Falk was called out by the umpire at third base. Falk, sure that he had been safe, angrily pulled his glass eye out of its socket and handed it to the umpire. "Here," he declared. "I think you might need this!"

[How did his mother explain the operation to her three-year-old son? Um.. she didn't: "They checked me into the hospital. I remember standing in front of an open elevator door with my mother and the doctor in the hospital. I wasn't quite sure what was happening to me. Suddenly Mom said to me, 'You just get in the elevator, son. I have to go back to your room and get my purse.' Then the doctor took my hand and walked me into the elevator. I remember telling him, 'Just hold on a minute. My mother went to get her purse. She'll be right here.' The next thing I knew I was asleep, and it was all over."]

[While visiting his local pub in Stromness, Scotland, Andrew Gunn loved to put his glass eye in people's pints and tell them: "I'll keep an eye on your drink for you." One day in 2003 another patron, Davie Wishart, knocked back his pint -- and Gunn's glass eye. Gunn was banned from the pub and Davie was warned that the eye's tiny hooks could damage his intestines.]

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