Yasir Arafat: Pointedly Foolish?

In 1977, David Frost landed a interview with PLO leader Yasir Arafat. "There's an amusing anecdote about that interview," he recalled later. "Because of security and the dangers then of the Israelis finding out his whereabouts, my people and I were met at the Beirut airport and blindfolded before we were led to the location where the interview was to take place. And then, having taken these precautions, in the middle of the interview he pointed out a window and quite openly he told me that his office used to be across the street but it was attacked by the Israelis. So to figure out where he was, all the Israelis really had to do was look at the interview!"

[As Michael Kelly once reported (in "Arafat Bombs on Opening Night"), Arafat's bodyguards, who emulated America's Secret Service officers, were equally bumbling: "As the motorcade moved slowly away, several of Arafat's senior bodyguards -- middle-aged men of considerable heft -- leaped upon the rear trunk of his Mercedes, holding on to the car with one hand while they brandished Kalashnikovs with the other... But Arafat's car lacked hand grips... and as the Mercedes gathered speed it hit a small bump, sending fat men flying through the air, their bulky forms describing jumbled parabolas of arms and legs and Kalashnikovs, to land with thuds and oaths on the road."]

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