Sports Psychology

Phil Jackson was famed for his application of various spiritual practices to the art of coaching. Los Angeles Lakers center John Salley once recalled Jackson having "a guy come in and deal with us on meditation." The guy's instructions? "He just said, 'Close your eyes. We're going to meditate.'"

[Jim Fannin, the coach who popularized the Buddhist-inspired "Zone" approach, encouraged players to repeat this mantra: "I have no future. I have no past. My goal is to make the present last. I'm in the zone." George Wilson, a sports psychologist with the Tranmere Rovers soccer club also used some unorthodox methods. "When I asked them to wear pink tutus and ladies underwear," Wilson once recalled, "the players were a little bit sceptical to start with..."]

[Jackson once wrote a book entitled Sacred Hoops: Spirited Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior]

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