Brilliant Critique

Shortly after his appearance in Henry V, Kenneth Branagh was approached on a London street by a twelve year old fan. "You're 'Enry the Fifth, aren't you?" she asked in a thick cockney accent. "Our teacher took us to see it the other day." Branagh was delighted -- particularly when she added her critique: "F---in' brilliant, mate!"

["There are wonderful rewards," Branagh remarked of the encounter.]

[Branagh was not noted for his humility. In 1989, a snotty column appeared in the Tatler referring to Branagh as Clever Ken, Confident Ken, Cocky Ken, Canny Ken, Calculating Ken and Campaigning Ken. (In the Sunday Correspondent, he and his wife, Emma Thompson, were 'spoilt brats.' Branagh was 'wally of the month.' And Emma? "E.T."]

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