Sammy Baugh

Although Sammy Baugh's Washington Redskins were a dominant National Football League team during the 1930s and 1940s, in 1940 they lost the most one-sided championship game in NFL history to the Chicago Bears. The score? 73-0.

In the final minutes, the Redskins drove seventy-five yards to the six-inch line, only to have Baugh's final pass intercepted by the Bears, crushing the Redskins' hopes of scoring at least six points before the final gun.

In the dressing room after the game, Baugh reflected on the team's humiliating defeat. "Maybe if we could have gotten that touchdown at the end," he ventured, "it would've turned the tide!"

[In a historic football game between Notre Dame and Northwestern University in 1935, a Northwestern player named Henry Wadsworth Longfellow found himself facing off against a Fighting Irishman... named William Shakespeare.]

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