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Patrick Stewart "got into trouble" one day while walking through New York's Central Park. "Some woman was yelling at me and she was very hostile," he recalled. "She said, 'You should know better. It's disgraceful. It's shameful!'"

The problem? "I realized I was wearing a 'Beavis and Butthead' T-shirt, and on the back it said 'Education Sucks!'"

[Stewart, a huge "Beavis and Butthead" fan (and the owner of "the biggest collection of Beavis and Butt-head memorabilia on the West Coast") once "had to do a deal" with his fiancee while flipping channels. "I was permitted to watch one entire episode."]

[Among Stewart's collections: a storeroom full of Picard memorabilia (thanks to a clause in his contract requiring free copies of every product bearing his likeness) and so much Earl Grey tea (sent by fans) that Stewart "could open a tea shop." (Though he owned hundreds of T-shirts emblazoned with his face, Stewart never wore them, lest he forget what he was wearing one "and go to the shops wearing it.")]

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