Jennifer Connelly: The Great Indoors?

Early on, Jennifer Connelly -- who met one boyfriend (the photographer David Dugan) while rock-climbing in upstate New York -- developed a taste for adventure. Her passion for roughing it in the great outdoors, however, often conflicted with 'professional development'.

She once took a glacier travel course "and everyone was making fun of me." Why? Because she would crawl into her tent every night... to use the phone.

[On the other hand... during a trek through Tibet, Connelly wore the same clothes and did not shower for three and a half weeks.]

[In 2003, three students at Utah State University began living in tents rather than dorms and toting their possessions (including camping gear and freeze-dried food) on their backs. "I can go into the mountains as soon as it gets dark and sleep like a baby," one student explained, "without having to worry about rap music blaring through the walls."]

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